iBeacon Types

iBeacon Classic

38.5mm x 38.5 mm x 9 mm,CR2032

VTag Shape, compact size, easy to handcarry, Compatible with Blue Smart App.

iBeacon Gadget and Name Card

150mm x 50mm x 5mm, CR2016

Slim solution for all kinds of exhibitions, can be entry card for registration, analyze visitors behaviors, exchange ID information.

iBeacon Base Station

150mm x 50mm x 20mm, AAA x 4

more than 3 years stand-by, can be adopted to fixed position.

iBeacon Module

Multiple Models, can be customized

iBeacon PCBA,can be programed through AT Command, can be integrated into any product for iBeacon functions.

Message as you want, Push as you want

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Metro Station Advertisement

Deployed in each Metro station to broadcasting commercial message or notice to the publics.

Smart CBD

deployed in shopping mall to broadcast commercial message and analyze shoppers behaviors.

Resorting Areas

Deployed in resorting areas to register, introduction and commercial message broadcasting.


iBeacon can be adopted in the exhibition for registration, gadgets, and broadcasting agenda, and other activities.

Smart Banking

iBeacon can guide users to banking services via their mobile phones directly.


iBeacon can help retailers to prompt and broadcasting new products, sales and analyze end users shopping behaviors.


iBeacon can guide visitors and introduce each item to them via their mobile phones. easy to visitor get access to the knowledge of each item.

4S Shope

iBeacon can guide visitors to purchase the servcies of 4S shop and push discount message to customers

Parking Lot

iBeacon can be adopted as parking ID, users can easily get the parking location via their mobile phones.

ServicesEasy Efficiency Integration

Product & Module Service
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  • App Configuration
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Licenses for Development
  • Available product or Module
  • App Configuration
  • Bluetooth protocol and iOS/Android SDK
  • Deployment Support
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Cloud Service
  • Available product or Module
  • App Configuration
  • Bluetooth protocol and iOS/Android SDK
  • Account Access
  • Content Customization
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