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VT Cloud

Reliable and Flexible ITO Cloud Service

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Smart Device Management

Registry/Login with Smart Device which has unique ID of BLE and Wifi Module.

User Account Managment

Regestry/Login with Users, support password verification and forget password.

Bind Device and User

Bind smart device ID with user ID and the accessing pemission could be configured.

Peer to Peer Communication

Provide peer-2-peer communication capabilty between devices and users.

Data Storage

Store the user data into VT cloud or the 3-party data server dedicated by customer.

Data Analyze

Data mining and anlysis service.

Message Push

Push message to the dedicated user or device.

Contents Integration

Integrate 3-party content including music, cookbooks and stories.

Parse device data

Could parse the data reported by VTrump product or module.


Customer could retrieve data and develop private funtionalities basing on RESTFul API.

Device Validation

Validate the device ID report by VTrump product or module.


On-line firmware upgrading.