Innovative Team

an innovative R&D team, VTrump is a team of entrepreneurs, software infrastructure engineers, soft-geeks, designers, RF and hardware experts, factory manager, we respect technology, and we are developing products with our own know-how, and serve for customers around the world.

Connect Smart,Connect Future

VTrump is an R&D company focusing on wireless solutions, including BLE, WiFI, Intelligent voice recognition system. We have multiple product lines and serving for traditional industries to upgrade their product lines and other branding companies who are seeking for innovation.

Leverage High-Tech with global needs

VTrump has been serving many international brands by providing technical turnkey solution.

Design,Software,Hardware,Cloud and Manufacturing

We offer turnkey solutions including ID, ME, HD, SW, Manufacturing.

Devoted Engineering Team

Our engineering team is English literature, we can serve any international customers. We are professional at Engineering, Project Managing, manufacturing and international delivery.